About Us

First Choice for Best Practice Water Management

Established in Melbourne in 1996 with the promise of Worry Free Water, our team of engineers, scientists and support staff work from offices across Australia to provide professional support to clients throughout the country.

We are pro-active in providing world’s best practice in the field – from science and technology, equipment and supplies to service and value, making us leaders in the water management industry.

Our comprehensive initiatives solve problems such as corrosion, scaling, fouling, biofouling and infection hazards in installations such as cooling towers, boilers, chilled water circuits, and trade waste systems. Our research & development programs ensure we provide world’s best practice to our clients, at outstanding value.

Smart Partnering Solutions

Hydro Flow provide a unique blend of customer focused scientific and technical expertise that can provide you with the solutions you are looking for. Our commitment to service excellence leads to consistent best practice results, allowing you to focus on your business and benefit from reduced maintenance and operating costs while our team provide a worry free experience.

We work closely together with;

  • Food and Beverage Industries
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging Industries
  • CBD Clientele
  • Rural Industries
  • Telecommunications and Energy Sectors
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Aged Care
  • Health Care
  • Research and Development Industries
  • Dry Cleaners

Water Management Services

Hydro Flow have built a reputation for service excellence and technical expertise in the areas of;

  • Legionella Risk Management (Plans and Training)
  • Water Treatment for water systems including Cooling Towers, Heated Water Systems, Closed Loop Systems (Chillers, Boilers) and Water Features.
  • Corrosion Prevention and Monitoring
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Rainwater and Open Water Filtration and Treatment
  • Supply and Installation
  • Project Management