Heating Hot Water

Heating hot water systems are used for process heating or building temperature control. Corrosion and scale formation are the two most common issues affecting these closed loop systems.

It is important to tailor water treatment programs for the metals present in the system. Some newer HHW boilers have Aluminium present which can lead to corrosion failures if a traditional nitrite corrosion inhibition program is used.

Hydro Flow ensures that treatment programs are targeted at the metallurgy of the system and the operating temperature range to provide the optimum level of corrosion and scaling performance.

We also recommend and provide;

  • Monthly servicing of closed loops as water can be lost from systems resulting in a compromised corrosion inhibition program.
  • Monitoring of corrosion rates using corrosion coupon analysis to establish the performance of the corrosion control program.

Hydronic Heating

Hydronic heating systems are a practical and cost effective heating source using convection and radiation to heat required spaces 24 hours per day. However once installed many systems receive only mechanical maintenance by a plumber or gas fitter while the internal health of system pipes and radiators is forgotten.

The wall panel radiators that form part of a modern hydronic heating system are typically manufactured from thin sheets of steel that are pressed and welded to form the radiator through which the heated water circulates to provide radiant heat. The presence of water, oxygen and heat can create a corrosive environment, damaging pipework and radiators in your heating system. This is accelerated by systems being fed by water containing high dissolved solids and chlorine.

The Solution

  • Comprehensive water treatment program
  • pH control
  • Corrosion control

Hydro Flow has been treating hot water circuits for over 20 years, and uses only the latest treatment technologies to assess the water in your system, evaluate results and recommend a treatment program to protect your investment.

The end result is a chemical treatment program which provides two layers of protection:

  • Firstly a pH buffer in the system preventing highly acidic or alkaline water from accelerating corrosion.  
  • Secondly a corrosion inhibitor matched to your individual needs to protect the metal surfaces and prolong the life of the system.

Scheduled servicing by Hydro Flow’s qualified field service team is recommended for cost effective, reliable protection, to maintain the integrity of your heating system.