Legionella Awareness Training

Legionella is a naturally occurring bacteria that can enter cooling tower and other plant systems through soil or water dispersion. Legionella can rapidly reproduce in a warm and moist environment, particularly in the presence of nutrients (rust, algae, organic) and sunlight, which are often present in cooling tower systems. Legionella can then escape the system within aerosols (water droplets) and enter a person’s respiratory system where it can cause Legionnaire’s disease (severe pneumonia) in immune compromised or susceptible individuals.

As part of its initiative to reduce the incidence of Legionnaires disease, the Victorian and NSW State Government has continued to develop stricter regulations for the building, registration, maintenance, water treatment and microbiological testing of cooling tower systems. As a leading water treatment service provider, Hydro Flow is proud to offer clear and informative Legionella Awareness Training at your premises to assist your company in understanding these complex and often overwhelming legislative requirements relating to cooling tower systems.

Key topics covered are;

  • Habitats of Legionella
  • Legionnaire’s disease
  • Cooling tower operation
  • State Legislation
  • The minimum legal responsibilities
  • Cooling tower registration process and associated documentation
  • Risk Management Plans and the risk assessment process
  • The relationship between Service Programs and Risk Management Plans
  • Response procedures
  • Basic Audit principles and associated tolerances

Legionella Awareness Training VIC Leaflet

Legionella Awareness Training NSW Leaflet