Tower Cleaning

It is a legislative requirement in most states of Australia that cooling towers be cleaned at defined intervals (3 or 6 monthly, annually). The need to increase cleaning frequency often arises when significant contamination issues are present, particularly in the absence of side-stream filtration. Hydro Flow offer start-up cleans and passivations, standard cooling tower cleans, supercleans, disinfections and decommissioning cleans, which are conducted by our experienced and dedicated cooling tower cleaning team. We understand that some systems cannot be turned off during production or the working week, and thereby provide a convenient 7 day/24 hour service.

  • Experienced Professionals
  • Confined Space & Working at Heights certified
  • Attention to detail from start to finish
  • All makes and models
  • All equipment left in full working condition
  • Comprehensive report issued
  • Cleaning & upgrades for all your needs


Conducted upon the commissioning of a new cooling tower system, or when new pipework has been added to an existing system, a start-up clean and passivation removes contaminants found after the installation process, such as metal shavings and oils. Often undertaken in conjunction with a three day chemical passivation, a start-up clean completes the cooling tower system preparation for routine operation.


Where safe access is provided our qualified cooling tower cleaning team will methodically clean the internal components of the cooling tower including the basin, fill packs, drift eliminators, fan wells, tanks and pits. In addition to minimum legislated cleaning requirements, a standard cooling tower clean is also undertaken when a cooling tower system is offline for more than a month and needs to be returned to service for any length of time.


In addition to the standard clean, a superclean includes a comprehensive clean of the fill packs and drift eliminators which are removed from the tower, inspected and cleaned externally before being reinstated. Ideally conducted annually in conjunction with a standard clean, supercleans also allow access to examine particular issues such as collapsed fill packs, poor water distribution or to eliminate existing fouling.

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A disinfection of a cooling tower system is undertaken when the Heterotrophic Colony Count (HCC) or Legionella levels are above the regulated limit. High pressure cleaning and water treatment chemicals are used to remove any dirt, sludge and biofilm which may be harbouring bacteria to help return the system to optimal health.


When decommissioning a cooling tower we recommend that a disinfection and cooling tower clean be conducted to ensure safe handling during removal and transport. Hydro Flow can also assist with the de-registration process.


Often forgotten on rooftops, evaporative coolers provide comfort cooling for people working in warm environments such as factories. For improved efficiency regular cleaning and maintenance of all components is required. Hydro Flow offers chemical treatment, comprehensive cleaning and maintenance on all makes and models of Evaporative Coolers.

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