Tower Refurbishment

Cooling tower components are often made of polymers that over time deteriorate with exposure to chemically treated water, high temperatures, contamination and UV. Deposits such as scale and sludge can build-up over time, reducing the tower’s cooling capacity. Components should be regularly inspected and replaced when deterioration is evident.

Our account managers and tower cleaners are experienced in implementing tower upgrades for all tower components;      

  • Drift eliminators
    Drift eliminators prevent aerosols from escaping the tower – aerosols can harbor harmful Legionella bacteria and carry it long distances. UV exposure will degrade drift eliminators over time.
  • Spray bars & nozzles
    Spray bars and nozzles ensure the even distribution of heated return water across the fill. These can become blocked and damaged, resulting in an uneven distribution of water through the fill and thereby reduced cooling efficiency.
  • Fill packs
    Air is drawn up through the tower to cool and condense heated return water as it flows down through the honeycomb fill packs. Exposure to chemicals, high temperatures and sludge formation will degrade the fill over time.
  • Tower basin refurbishment
    The surface of the basin is continuously exposed to chemicals, water movement, and abrasion from sediment, which can remove its protective coating over time to cause corrosion and leaking.
  • Air intake louvers
    Air intake louvers prevent UV from entering the tower and splash from exiting the tower. They are exposed to UV and chemical spray which will cause deterioration over time.

4.4 drift eliminators 640x478  4.4 air intake louvers 640x478  IMG 0561 4.4 spray nozzles 122x182

  • Leaking joins and seals
    Over time seals and sealants begin to break down and joins begin to leak. Hydro Flow can manage repair projects and have the expertise to seal leaking joins in fibreglass towers (pictured below).

4.4 basin repair 1  4.4 basin repair 2  4.4 basin repair 3