Sand Filters

Sand filtration assists with the removal of coarse suspended solids from water.   It is often used as part of the treatment process for drinking water in the beverage industry, as pre-filtration for membrane systems, for pool filtration, and for the treatment of waste water.

Sand Filter Refurbishment

Industrial sand filters that have been in use for more than 10 years develop an ingrained level of bio deposits in the media that cannot be removed by normal backwashing. As a result of this, increased chemical use (chlorine/biocide) is required to keep biological growth under control.

Ingrained bio deposits and leaking sand also jointly contribute to a reduced filtration capacity of the sand filter. If left unattended water quality can be adversely affected, becoming turbid as the filter struggles to achieve the desired result.

Refurbishing a sand filter and replacing the old media with new will result in;

  • Overall reduction in chemical usage
  • More effective filtration
  • Increased water clarity

Sand filter nozzle lifetimes are normally 8-10 years. After this time they tend to become brittle and begin breaking, particularly during a backwash. If this occurs, media will begin to pass through the broken nozzle and out of the outlet during normal operation and can cause blockages in pipework, damage to pumps or escape into the   water. Not acting on signs of sand leakage can be a costly mistake if damage is sustained to equipment.

Hydro Flow’s experienced team is involved at all levels of sand filtration, from installation to servicing to refurbishment.