Water Softeners

Water softeners serve to remove calcium, magnesium and other metals from hard water by exchanging them with ‘soft’ ions (often sodium) via an ion-exchange process. Softening water increases the compatibility of the water stream with soap and extends the lifetime of plumbing. Common applications include pretreatments for utility water and process water.

Over time water softeners can become fouled with organic matter and incoming contaminant. Resin breakdown is also commonly encountered, with fouling reducing performance and affecting flow throughput. Hydro Flow provide expertise in;

  • Routine Servicing, including monitoring outputs to ensure the product water is soft and monitoring any media losses
  • Conducting mechanical services of softener systems, including backflush
  • Mechanical checks and repairs on all valves and seals.

Hydro Flow design customised systems specific to your needs.

  • Hydro Flow water softener sytem model no. HF-WS-2472-080
  • Hydro Flow water softener sytem model no. HF-WS-2472-080-AB


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