Past Projects

The University of Melbourne – Dookie Campus Drinking Water Project

The Dookie Campus is a rural college with a residence for up to 300 people.  Hydro Flow was hired to project design and manage an upgrade to the water filtration system used for drinking water by residents, the onsite piggery, winery, science laboratories, over sixty classrooms, offices and associated buildings, and to supply a 25 meter swimming pool.

Dookie 1  Dookie 2  Dookie 3

The project was aimed at achieving;

  • Automation of the chemical addition process replacing the existing on/off control.
  • Addition of pH monitoring and control in the clarifier and final water.
  • Chlorine control on final water using amperometric cell accurate to 2 decimal places.
  • Online trending with alarming for fast response to out of spec water chemistry, low water reserve levels, chemical level alarms and a host of instrument failures.
  • Upgraded filtration, achieved by removing the existing sand filter and adding a graded multimedia filter.
  • Filtration aided by the installation and commissioning of a 10 module Ultra Filtration skid unit with hydraulic break tank for flow stability.
  • Softener installed on the secondary bore water supply.

 Dookie 4  Dookie 5  Dookie 6


  • Improved water quality and reliability of the plant
  • Reduced maintenance issues and early intervention of performance issues
  • Tightened control on final water critical parameters
  • Reduced manned hours through remote monitoring and a rigid service regime
  • Cost-effective ongoing maintenance costs.

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