System Passivations

A chemical clean followed by a passivation is an essential prerequisite for the commissioning of any new pipework and equipment. This process involves the elimination of impurities that remain on the inner surfaces of equipment after fabrication such as rust, shavings, slag and residues. These impurities can greatly accelerate the occurrence of pitting and pipe degradation, taking years off the service life. The cleaning process gently removes these impurities to leave a clean surface that can then be chemically passivated to provide maximum longevity.

A passivation involves the chemical construction of a thin protective coating on the inner surfaces of pipes and equipment that will then act as a physical barrier against corrosion.

Heat transfer equipment in service can also greatly benefit from chemical cleaning. Equipment will inevitably build up scale and deposits leading to a loss of efficiency and increased energy costs. Chemical cleaning followed by a passivation can reverse these efficiency losses and maximise corrosion resistance.

The system and type of metal components govern the cleaning and passivation chemical regime implemented. Hydro Flow offers a wide range of products and expertise that is sure to meet the requirement of your system for the best possible result.