Coagulation / Flocculation

Coagulation and flocculation is a form of water treatment used for the removal of suspended material through sedimentation or filtration. Coagulation forms a mass by neutralizing charges of impurities in the water stream which can then be joined and settled by the addition of a flocculent.

Hydro Flow provides a range of services from troubleshooting existing plant issues, optimizing treatment processes to meet necessary output targets, sale/service of associated equipment, engineering, design and installation of new treatment plants and equipment.

In addition, our team can supply a range of treatment chemicals for numerous applications from domestic and industrial waste treatments, potable water treatments, DAF plants, pre filtration and water recycling.

Plant optimization or design first starts with the assessment of the water stream to be treated. Field engineers and experienced scientists use a modern approach to define the treatment program best suited to your needs. Factors such as hydraulic loading, organic loading and suspended material are assessed in the formulation of the treatment process.

Once the above information is gathered our laboratory then commences the assessment of chemical types, strengths and charges best suited to the application presented. In-house jar testing and, where required, pilot studies, are undertaken to test the performance of the program before being applied in the field.

7.2 coag floc 1

7.2 coag floc 2

 In addition to assessing and recommending treatment programs and supplying treatment chemicals, Hydro Flow offer full on site services including plant commissioning, troubleshooting and contract operation of all types of water treatment plant.

Hydro Flow’s team of scientists, field staff and engineers can assess your water treatment requirements and find a solution for your needs.