Potable Water

Hydro Flow has the technical and service capability to assist with all types of water plants including drinking water. Previous projects have seen Hydro Flow adapt new or improved technologies to existing plants to improve water quality, reliability and a reduction in manned hours.

Services provided to clients may include:

  • Providing a reliable plant or refurbishment options with feasible ongoing maintenance costs.
  • Improving overall water quality and reliability of the plant.
  • Reducing labour hours for the plant by providing remote monitoring and a rigid service regime.
  • Partial or full plant operation including daily plant attendance, testing, independent sampling and routine maintenance.
  • Reducing maintenance costs by enabling early intervention of performance issues through remote monitoring and smart on-site routines.

We are also able to assist with plant troubleshooting, descaling, cleaning and performance testing. Our trained technicians, engineers and chemists have experience across a wide range of plant types and can deliver better outcomes by finding, isolating and fixing issues in any type of water plant. Our focus is on achieving the best long term outcomes for our customers, from background chemistry testing to implementing and running on site equipment such as filters, clarifiers and RO systems.